Luxury Vicodin Treatment

Vicodin is an opiate/acetaminophen combination, and is a frequently prescribed pain medication. It works by blocking pain receptors in the brain, making it a helpful tool for managing extreme pain. However, Vicodin’s active chemical hydrocodone is also known to promote feelings of relaxation and euphoria, and can be highly addictive if abused.

Like any other addictive drug, Vicodin addicts often engage in criminal behavior such as fraud to attain prescriptions, sometimes shopping between doctors until someone will write another prescription. The short term side-effects of Vicodin can include nausea, dizziness, and fuzzy thinking. Long term effects are much more dangerous, and can include jaundice, hearing loss, and liver damage—even liver failure in extreme cases. In the case of an overdose, Vicodin can substantially lower a person’s breathing causing unconsciousness and even death. It’s important to seek help before this type of abuse becomes fatal.

Capo by the Sea offers a luxury Vicodin treatment program for executives struggling with addiction that is discreet and effective. We understand the challenges of coming off drugs and offer medically assisted detox for that reason. We also understand that executives are used to a lifestyle of comfort, and we provide that as well.

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Does luxury Vicodin treatment involve 12 Step meetings?

Capo by the Sea has a unique and non-traditional treatment program. Some of our clients discover they enjoy attending outside 12 Step meetings in the community, but they’re not for everyone. That’s why we don’t rely on the Steps as the foundation of our luxury Vicodin treatment program. You’ll make your own decisions as to whether you want the Steps to become a part of your ongoing path to recovery.

Aside from the 12 Steps, Capo by the Sea offers both individual and group therapy.  Our treatment program offers a fully customized package, not a one-size-fits-all recovery agenda.

Private, dignified luxury Vicodin treatment

We know many people are concerned about privacy and confidentiality when they enter a recovery program. Rest assured, Capo by the Sea‘s luxury Vicodin treatment program is fiercely committed to maintaining client confidentiality. From your first phone call to us to your personalized after-care plan, no staff member will ever divulge your private information to anyone outside our program.

Whatever challenges you may face on your road to recovery from addiction, our luxury Vicodin treatment plan will provide all the amenities you need to get better as well as all the comforts of home. Addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, and doesn’t reflect on any individual as a person. The only way to beat it is to get help, and that starts with a phone call.

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