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Our facility's staff includes several highly qualified, experienced therapists. We are also affiliated with a number of MDs who provide essential services on a case-by-case basis.

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We specialize in creating customized, individual programs, exclusively designed to address the unique needs of the executives and other business professionals we serve

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We understand that recovery is a very personal thing, especially for busy and successful high-powered executives. All communications are confidential, before, during and after.


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CARF Have Confidence In Your Choice. Capo By the Sea has been Accredited by CARF for Treatment Services.
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Capo By The Sea is a premier dual diagnosis, medical detox, alcohol and drug treatment center. We provide comprehensive inpatient as well as outpatient treatment programs specifically designed for your needs. Dual diagnosis can be difficult to identify, since the symptoms of one of the disorders often mimics the symptoms of another disorder. Improper diagnosis and insufficient dual diagnosis treatment leads to a poor outcome. And for this very reason, many people do not receive the kind of help that will put them on the right track. Disorders such as depression, anxiety and bipolar combined with alcoholism and drug addiction will create this dilemma. Often a mental health condition occurs first, however most people try to "self medicate" with drugs and alcohol in order to feel normal but not realizing that this may lead to chemical or drug dependency.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Treatment Center

Capo by the Sea is an exclusive drug addiction and alcohol rehab center offering customized recovery programs using the very best techniques in addiction medicine. Our goal is to support the chemically dependent person as he or she roots out the underlying causes of drug or alcohol use, and model the path to recovery.

We offer several alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, including drug interventions, detox centers, alcohol rehab, heroin treatment, outpatient drug treatment, and executive treatment.

Our executive inpatient drug rehab program is steps away from the beautiful beaches of Dana Point, California, where you'll experience the most advanced and successful drug treatment program available anywhere. We aim to provide each of our clients with an unforgettable and successful introduction to recovery.

Our tranquil and luxurious facility allows our clients to focus on self-improvement through the process of recovery. With our rapid detox service, clients can avoid the unpleasant effects of withdrawal and quickly focus on healing the mind, body and spirit.

Capo by the Sea has helped thousands of men and women succeed in overcoming their addictions and returning to their successful, rewarding lives with a new understanding of how to live life free of drugs and alcohol. We're committed to excellence in all our services and alcohol and drug treatment programs, and we're certain you'll find the help and answers you've been seeking when you come to Capo by the Sea.

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