Luxury Oxycontin Treatment

OxyContin is a highly effective painkiller, and one of the most popular opioids available in the United States. Its active ingredient is oxycodone, which is the same chemical found in Vicodin and many other painkillers. OxyContin is one of the strongest commercially available painkillers, and can be used as a secondary aid to oral morphine in malignant cancer patients.

Its effects include euphoria, relaxation, and decreased anxiety. Unfortunately, these factors are also part of what make it highly addictive. OxyContin is one of the most widely abused pharmaceuticals in the United States, and can be hard to quit using abruptly. Many people fear the discomfort faced by detoxing from OxyContin. That’s why we recommend seeking help through our luxury OxyContin treatment program.

Luxury OxyContin treatment for abuse and dependence

In the short term, OxyContin abuse and dependence can include symptoms like fatigue, small pupils, dry mouth, loss of appetite, and weight loss. In the long term, however, the risks are much greater.

Without some form of help, addicts can suffer complications that include collapsed lungs (pneumothorax), heart attacks, pneumonia, failure of the circulation system, or even fatal overdose. OxyContin is only prescribed in the most extreme cases of pain management, so it’s recreational use has very negative effects on the body.

Fortunately, Capo by the Sea’s luxury OxyContin treatment program can get users back on the right track. We offer a medically assisted and supervised detox that ensures a comfortable process on the road back to health. After that, individualized daily therapy sessions will help guide you through the mental side of addiction. Our facility also offers a wide range of sober recreational activities to keep our guests busy, and our luxury accommodations are sure to please executives who are used to a certain level of comfort.

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Can I leave your facility during my luxury OxyContin treatment?

When you attend our luxury OxyContin treatment, you are by no means our prisoner! While we don’t usually suggest leaving the facility early in your stay (you may risk returning to a person, situation, or place that serves as an addiction trigger), part of your recovery is learning how to live life in the community. If you wish, you and your program coordinator can work out a plan that strikes the right balance between our program and your personal or professional activities.

Luxury OxyContin treatment that respects your confidentiality

At Capo by the Sea, we know that confidentiality is vital to our clients. In return for the trust our guests grant us to help them find freedom from addiction, so do our guests expect respect and trust in return. As a result, our luxury OxyContin treatment program understands confidentiality is key to executive recovery.

To us, confidentiality is a commitment to keep our client’s privacy and anonymity assured. You can rest easy knowing that all your information is kept under lock and key, available only to those staff members who are assisting in your recovery program. While enrolled in our luxury OxyContin treatment program, your only concern should be getting well. For our part, we’ll do everything in our power to give you the peace of mind to let that happen. Call us today at (800) 300-3965 to get started.