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Family Intervention Works

The plain truth is, interventions for those with drug or alcohol dependencies work!

Statistically, few people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are willing to admit that it’s become a problem they can no longer control. Fewer still are willing to seek treatment on their own. Some do—the lucky ones, who are able to acknowledge the problem and take concrete steps toward getting well. Interventions are for those who won’t (or can’t) admit that their problem is now too big for them to solve by themselves.

Intervention uses the power of a group—usually family or friends—to encourage the individual drug addict/alcoholic to break through his or her barriers of denial. It’s that denial that keeps them “stuck” in the problem: seeing their drinking or using behavior as a solution to their problems (anxiety, stress at work, family struggles, feelings of uselessness or self-pity), rather than the problem itself.

Recent studies published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse have verified “forced or coerced participation in treatment can be very effective.” When dealing with a friend, business colleague or family member who is locked behind that denial, intervention may be the only way to literally intervene, forcing the person to face reality before it’s too late. Without intervention, the addict/alcoholic—and those who care about him or her—face many more years of pain and heartache. This may be the only means available to save the chemically dependent person’s life.

Alcohol and Drug Intervention Services


Intervention is not something to be taken lightly. This is usually “the end of the line” for families and the addict/alcoholic, meaning that the family must be prepared to enforce severe consequences on the user in order to underscore the gravity of the situation. To be productive, an intervention requires careful planning, along with a strong commitment from those who care about the addict/alcoholic that they will do whatever is necessary to help that person face the reality of the problem.

Even with a trained interventionist, the family’s faith and friendship will be tested: the user will feel betrayed, angry and misunderstood, and may lash out at those involved. It’s critically important that the family be prepared for these reactions, and understand how to deal with them. Once the user begins the process of recovery, these negative feelings will change, and you’ll experience peace, sanity and serenity in your home.

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Capo by the Sea can work with your family to lay the groundwork needed for a productive intervention. We urge you to call us for more information on how we can help. Our interventionists regularly travel to work with families across the country, and also arrange to transport the addict/alcoholic to our facility, where he or she can begin treatment immediately. Don’t let your family go through another day of living with an active alcoholic or drug user. Please allow us to offer the support you and your family need at this critical time. Perhaps you’re a business associate or a family member of someone who seems to be on this downward spiral, and you care enough to help, but don’t really know what to do. The good news is, you’re looking in the right place.